MVS/Quick-Ref(TM) is the premier product for instant online access to message descriptions and programming information on MVS systems. MVS/Quick-Ref "pops-up" over the active ISPF application, giving you a quick answer to an MVS-related question, then goes away without affecting the active ISPF application!
MVS/Quick-Ref is a "pop-up" quick reference aid for ISPF and ROSCOE/ETSO users under the MVS operating system. The term "pop-up" in this context refers to MVS/Quick-Ref's ability to "pop-up" over the active ISPF application, give you a quick answer to an MVS-related question, then go away without affecting the active ISPF application.

MVS/Quick-Ref saves you time and money! You no longer need to stop work at your terminal to look up a message or amend code in a manual that's probably out of date. The most frequently needed MVS reference information is instantly displayed by MVS/Quick-Ref in a concise and easy-to-read format.

What reference information is available?
Explanatory and recommended action information for the following MVS, OS/390 and z/OS related areas is included:

Assembler Language Syntax
CICS Messages and Codes
C/C++Language Syntax
Command Syntax
CLIST Language Syntax Description
DB2 Messages and Codes
JCL Statements Syntax
IBM Utilities
IMS Messages and Codes
JES2 Statement Syntax
JES3 Statement Syntax
CICS Command Syntax
IMS Utilities
ISPF Messages, Services & Variables
MS/Series Messages
Netview Messages & Codes
OS/390 and z/OS Data Areas
OS/390 and z/OS SMF Record Mappings
IPCS Messages
RMF Messages
UNIX Messages & Codes
UNIX Command Syntax
SQL Codes
SQL Statements Syntax
MVS, OS/390, z/OS Messages & Codes
MVS, OS/390, z/OS Wait Code Description
MVS, OS/390, z/OS, JES2 & JES3
DB2 Admin & Utility Guides
PL/1 Language Syntax
REXX language Syntax
SMP/E Messages
TSP Command Syntax Descriptions
VS COBOL II Language Syntax
VTAM Messages
VTAM Console Command Descriptions
VTAM Messages
VTAM Console Command Descriptions

What other features does MVS/Quick-Ref offer?

MVS/Quick-Ref contains a CUT and PASTE feature, a QPRINT command to print selected items to SYSOUT or a DASD file, a TEXTMARK feature to mark your place in an item and return directly to it later, a complete user data base feature you can use to store your own reference information, a SEARCH command used as an aid in locating specific words, a direct program interface, built-in security features, and support for batch execution. Left and right scrolling is now supported. Other features include:
Automatic Selection List Processing
Automatic FINDCODE Processing
Automatic Lookup
Product Category Selection Panel
Batch Commands
Cursor-driven Invocation
Getnext Based on Content
Getnext Based on Cursor Position
QWS Invocation Command
Automatic Lookup Based on Text Content
Operating System Level Selection List Processing
User-Directed Selection List Processing

What are MVS/Quick-Ref's System Requirements?

MVS/Quick-Ref executes under z/OS, OS390, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, or pre-XA systems. ISPF Version 2.1 or higher is required, or CA/ROSCOE Release 5.7 or higher. To use the cursor-driven invocation feature of MVS/Quick-Ref, TSO/E 2.1 is required.

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