Help & content management
HelpServer ™ is a multi-platform, web-based solution to manage enterprise content. Teams of authors can create structured content in reusable and shareable objects. This enables them to keep up with the growth of information in easy to maintain projects. These projects can support documentation management, knowledge management, content management, or context-sensitive application help.

The HelpServer content objects remain in a database on a web server. People all over the world can access the content in real time over the Internet. Security is completely handled by HelpServer's server engine. Authors activate new content and changes to existing content by means of a click. And because of its very dynamic character, the content can easily be tailored to profiles which effectively accommodates user needs.

TIMS/E ™ is a multi platform help system for all your new and existing IMS/TM, CICS, TSO, and VTAM applications. TIMS/E ™ operates independently of your application development environment under MVS. Help information can be shared between different applications on different platforms. Without any programming effort, TIMS/E ™ integrates all the available data into the help system. TIMS/E ™ makes the help information platform independent and the help-text format application independent.
TEXT/E ™ is a full-screen mainframe editor for editing and displaying free text and information stored in DL/1 databases, DB2 tables, VSAM files, OS sequential files, and Partitioned datasets. TEXT/E ™ can be used in an IMS, CICS, TSO, and VTAM environment.

MVS Reference & Documentation
MVS/Quick-Ref ™ is an MVS reference and documentation system designed for programming professionals by systems software professionals. MVS/Quick-Ref ™ concise information helps to solve MVS problems 500% faster. By cursor invocation the requested information is displayed in less than two seconds. The MVS/Quick-Ref ™ database covers IBM messages, language syntax, and Independent Software Vendors messages.
Web/Quick-Ref ™ is a web-based interface to MVS/Quick-Ref ™ on the mainframe. Web/Quick-Ref ™ consists of a set of HTML screens and CGI (common gateway interface) programs, all of which reside on a mainframe system. MVS/Quick-Ref ™ itself must also have already been installed on the same mainframe system.

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