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Before we explain you all the benefits of TIMS/E, we want to let you know why we have done business with the Global 1000 companies. Here is what our customers have told us what they were looking for when increasing productivity on their mainframe applications:
You have decided to stay with the mainframe S/390 server and want to keep on using your IMS, CICS, TSO and/or VTAM applications.
Maybe it is time to give your applications a facelift. After all, your end-users do the work, so their comfort and productivity is important to you, so give them all the help they need in a way that is clear and to the point, efficient, and designed explicitly for them (natural language, expertise).
You will certainly want to control and decentralize the maintenance of this system, close to the end-users.
You will want a system with a high level of integrity so you can use it with all your applications, old and new. It has to be standard but still adaptable to your house style.
You will want to prevent redundancy in your texts and reuse the texts to build documentation about your applications that is consistent with the on-line help information.

The Solution is TIMS/E ™
TIMS/E solves the end-users on-line help and documentation problem with state-of-the art techniques and functionality, greatly improving the productivity of the end-users.
On-line help can be requested from each end-user screen for applications under IMS, CICS, TSO, and VTAM.
Pop-up help windows explain screen fields, give their current contents, and enable a list of values or codes to be entered.
The help information is given in function of the end-users profile so that information is presented in the required natural language and at his or her level of experience.
Your present information can be easily integrated into the help system without reprogramming.
Your present help texts can easily be made available on the transaction management applications running under the monitors above.
Texts can be structured without redundancy to produce rapid and consistent documentation for your applications or any other user-related topic.
Powerful control and management functions assist in building documents and reusing texts without replication. Documents can easily be restructured to reflect new needs or end-user requirements.
It does not require any changes in the application programs.
The on-line help, prompt, and documentation functions can be activated with function keys.
TIMS/E shuns hard-to-maintain screen-scraping techniques but opts for monitor-specific information to recognize application transactions, screens, and fields.


The mainframe systems are becoming the backbone of the information-age and the Internet. As there is moving trend toward integrating applications from legacy systems with the Internet, we have integrated TIMS/E-Internet™. This makes the TIMS/E™ information available on the Internet or your Intranet.

TIMS/E-Internet™ will provide your online help solution with the following major functions:

Information formatting

  TIMS/E-Internet™ enables you to format all TIMS/E information into HTML format.
  The formatted data contains internal hypertext links if the target is part of the document, or external hypertext links if the target text can be accessed through the common gateway interface.

Real-time TIMS/E information access

  TIMS/E-Internet™ allows the end-users to directly access TIMS/E™ texts, documentation or help texts from your internet/intranet site.
  By default, the returned text and menu is translated into HTML with external links to the texts or to texts and menus on the lower level in the document.
  From the displayed text, the user can drill down the document by selecting the document branches of interest. The TIMS/E Administrator can provide backward chains the user needs for browsing up and down.

Use of bitmaps in the texts
  The TIMS/E Administrator can setup the texts in a way that bitmaps will be displayed. The same texts can be used for presentation on different platforms (Windows RTF, OS/2 IPF).

Insert HTML tags in TIMS/E texts

  TIMS/E-Internet™ allows the end-user to access other related web information from the TIMS/E texts, when working from a web browser.

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