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White Paper
Because of present economic developments, many organizations in the banking and insurance sector are being forced to look at productivity and cost issues in order to capture pole positions for the 21st century. Streamlining the creation, revision, management, and distribution of documentation can be the key factor in these issues.

Obviously, one of the main causes of productivity loss is the need to search for, or wait for, corporate documentation, especially in large organizations with strictly separated functional departments or geographically dispersed offices and subsidiaries. Documentation is often spread across the entire organization in computer files or lost in mazes of network directories. Moreover, it is often nearly impossible to include 'live' production data in the documentation cycle. Add to these differences in language and experience between employees and departments, and the management of user manuals, working methods, reports, and regulations becomes extremely difficult, costly, and slow.

A company-wide, multi-platform, on-line documentation management system, such as TIMS/E, is no less than a vital necessity, even for a well-organized and structured organization. TIMS/E gets the right information to your employees, wherever they are located in your organization. It also allows them to participate in the creation of documentation and reduces training and operational costs.

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