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As Text Editor for the End User: a universal editor to replace homemade editors.
TEXT/E ™ can be used for all your mainframe applications in which end users have to create and maintain free text and data. From your application transactions, the end user can edit text stored in PDS, VSAM, DL/I databases, or DB2 tables.

As Information Widower: replacement of inquiry transactions in the application projects.
All different kinds of information can be presented on line in pop-up windows in your application panels without interrupting the running application. The end user can view, for example, all production listings and reports, and all information necessary for his task.

Summary TEXT/E™ Commands

Data manipulation
SAVE save changes
END end & auto save
CANCEL drop changes

Copy other information
COPY copy data into edited data
CUT copy edited data to the clipboard
PASTE copy clipboard data into edited data

Editor options
NULLS set/reset insert mode
CAPS translate to capitals

Disregard line commands
RESET reset all line commands

IFIND initiate find command
FIND search for strings in a text
ICHANGE initiate change command
CHANGE Change strings in text

Insert, repeat and delete lines
Innn insert nnn lines
Rnnn repeat line nnn times
RRnn repeat group of lines nn times
Dnnn delete nnn lines
DD delete group of lines

Copy & move lines to indicator
Cnnn copy nnn lines
CC copy group of lines
Mnnn move nnn lines
MM move group of lines
A after indicator
B before indicator
O over indicator
OO over group indicator

Exclude and re-show lines
Xnnn exclude nnn lines
XX exclude group of lines
Snnn show nnn lines

Shift text in lines left or right
(nnn shift line left nnn positions
((nn shift group of lines left nn positions
)nnn shift line right nnn positions
))nn shift group of lines right nn positions

Text handling
TS split line on cursor position
TE set text-entry mode
TFnn reflows text to nn columns

COLS set column line

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